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Drone Services

We are now using drone technology that offers detailed inspection. It can inspect even the most challenging inspections. Due to this technology, inspections are made simple regardless of scale or height. With drone technology, we offer stunning imagery with 360 degrees views of your building and all the shots are taken in high definition. With the help of data gathered by inspection, we create a job site documentation. It is a visually recorded documentation of your project. Previously, this was only attainable with the use of high-cost helicopters. Whether you need to survey a new construction site, monitor existing sites, need thermal imaging and LIDAR mapping and inspections, or create 2D/3D models, we provide the right drone pilot with the right specialist skills for your specific project.

With this service, you will be able to monitor the progress, perform construction site surveys, and inspections and mappings. We also provide services for both 2D and 3D modeling, LiDAR mapping, and thermography imaging, etc. These services are for you to monitor and track productivity on all your large-scale and small-scale construction projects with detailed aerial views with high quality, recorded and live updates.

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Today the owner Tim came to our house and addressed all concerns. He offered to make our concerns and doubts go away for our daughter’s health by having the contractors keep dust and debris down to a minimum. She is on oxygen and has a trach direct to her lungs. He was extremely helpful and reassuring. I feel confident we will get great service. He is going above and beyond to assist our special needs. Were appreciate that So very much.

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