1) The Essence of Fleece Back TPO: Fleece Back TPO is a thermoplastic roofing membrane reinforced with a fleece backing. This innovative material combines the best of TPO technology with added strength and durability, providing a superior roofing solution.

2) Strength in Reinforcement: The fleece backing of TPO enhances its strength and puncture resistance, making it an ideal choice for projects where durability is paramount. Constructors 911 leverages this feature to deliver roofing solutions that withstand the rigors of diverse environments.

3) Enhanced Installation Efficiency: Fleece Back TPO offers improved installation efficiency compared to traditional roofing materials. Constructors 911 capitalizes on this advantage, ensuring swift and precise installations that meet high-quality standards, saving both time and resources.

4) Energy Efficiency and Reflectivity: Fleece Back TPO exhibits excellent reflectivity, helping to mitigate the heat island effect. Constructors 911 prioritizes energy-efficient solutions, and Fleece Back TPO aligns seamlessly with our commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious construction practices.

5) Versatility in Design: Constructors 911 understands the importance of aesthetic appeal in construction. Fleece Back TPO’s versatility in color and design options allows us to create visually stunning roofing solutions that complement the overall architecture of a structure.

6) Long-Term Performance: Fleece Back TPO’s resistance to UV rays and weathering ensures a longer service life, reducing maintenance costs over time. Constructors 911 is dedicated to providing clients with roofing solutions that stand the test of time and weather conditions.

7) Fleece back TPO is an alternative when your business cant be disturbed during tear-off. Fleece back is by far durable solution more then coding. Many times fleece can get you a 20 year NDL “No Dollar Limit” warranty”

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